The former Jewish Quarter of NYC's Lower East Side is one of the most iconic and historically significant neighborhoods in the world. Even though times have changed, this one time immigrant haven still boasts the character and charm of yore -- if you know where to look.

This unique one-hour walking tour compares images and stories of yesterday with today and offers unparalleled insight into the evolution of a neighborhood now popular for its trendy boutiques, hotels and restaurants.

Visited on tour:
  • Legendary eateries (Katz's deli, Economy Candy, Yonah Schimmel Knish, Pickle Guy, etc)
  • Historic synagogues and churches
  • Iconic landmarks, cultural sites and points of interest
  • Classic, old-fashioned retail stores
  • Orchard Street, Rivington Street, Delancey Street, Essex Street, Hester Street, etc.
  • Much more!
Discussed on tour:
  • Tenement life
  • The immigrant experience
  • Settlement houses
  • Employment, sweatshops, labor unions
  • Yiddish and immigrant theater
  • The roots of Hollywood on the Lower East Side
  • Much more!


Meet here:

Location: No. 7 Second Avenue, NW corner of 2nd Ave & E. Houston St. (outside Avalon Chemist)
Directions: F train to "2nd Ave/Lower East Side" stop
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Your guide:

Michael ZwackMichael Zwack has lived on the Lower East Side for 37 years. As an internationally exhibited artist, Michael was part of a group in the 1970s designated "The Pictures Generation" by Metropolitan Museum curator Douglas Eklund. Michael is a veteran, licensed tour guide and active community member who is passionate about the history of the Lower East Side and New York City.