Lower East Side History Project - Mafia Walking Tour

This popular and exciting walking tour through the East Village and Little Italy explores the former social clubs, homes and haunts of some of the most influential 20th century mobsters, while uncovering the truth behind many Mafia legends.

We also discuss the Italian immigrant experience and the social, political and economical conditions which allowed organized gangsterism to thrive in the slums of New York City by the turn of the century.

Visited on tour:

  • Former mafia social clubs
  • Former homes and businesses of influential mobsters
  • Sites of notorious mob hits
  • Former Sicilian and Neapolitan districts of Little Italy
  • Inside a famous former speakeasy
  • “Black Hand Block”
  • “Curb Exchange,” an open air alcholol market during Prohibition
  • Ravenite Social Club
  • Little Italy restaurant district
  • Movie locations where Godfather, Sopranos, Mean Streets, Donnie Brasco and more were filmed
  • Much, much more

Discussed on tour:

  • The seeds of Cosa Nostra in Sicily
  • Italian immigration
  • The roots of the Mafia in America
  • Origins of the “Five Families”
  • The mob’s role during Prohibition
  • Nationalization of organized crime
  • The truth about Hollywood mob movies


Every Saturday at 12:00pm (ends 1:30pm)




Location: No. 72 Second Avenue, corner of E. 4th Street (outside Bank of America)
Directions: F train to “2nd Ave/Lower East Side” stop, walk 4 short blocks up 2nd Avenue to E. 4th Street
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Your Guide:

Eric Ferrara is founder of the Lower East Side History Project, a published author and fourth-generation, native New Yorker whose family goes back four generations in Little Italy. He has consulted several movie & tv projects including History Channel, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Warner Brothers’ new Great Gatsby. His books include Manhattan Mafia Guide.

Ferrara has consulted several law enforcement agencies and crime victims as well as families and estates of many of the Mafia figures discussed on the tour. These unique first-hand accounts, combined with 130 years of community insight and over a decade of active research, makes this excursion a one-of-a-kind experience for fans and aficionados alike.

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